PA 15-135—SB 575

Energy and Technology Committee


SUMMARY: This act increases the number of off-site hearings that the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) must hold on matters involving changes to an electric distribution company's (i. e. , Eversource and United Illuminating) rates, charges, or public accommodation (i. e. , rate cases). Prior law required PURA to hold at least one rate case hearing in a town within a subject company's service area. The act instead requires hearings in at least (1) two towns for a company that serves 17 or fewer towns (United Illuminating) and (2) three towns for a company that serves more than 17 towns (Eversource).

As under existing law, (1) the towns selected to host the hearings must be within the subject company's service area and as convenient as practicable to the people affected by the rate case; (2) PURA must hold a rate case hearing in the evening if at least 25 people petition for it; and (3) PURA may hold the rest of its hearings, if any, anywhere in the state.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2015

OLR Tracking: LRH; JSB; VR; BS