PA 15-132—sHB 7006

Public Health Committee


SUMMARY: This act allows people who have undergone surgical, hormonal, or other clinically appropriate treatment for gender transition to change the sex designation and name on their birth certificate. Previously, state regulations prohibited transgender people from doing so unless they (1) completed gender assignment surgery and (2) supplied an affidavit from a specified mental health professional attesting that they are socially, psychologically, and mentally the designated sex (Conn. Agency Regs. 19a-41-9).

The act requires the public health commissioner to issue a new birth certificate to a transgender person who:

1. requests in writing, signed under penalty of law, a replacement birth certificate that reflects a gender different from the sex designated on their original birth certificate;

2. provides a notarized affidavit from a licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or psychologist stating that he or she has undergone surgical, hormonal, or other clinically appropriate treatment for gender transition; and

3. provides, if applicable, proof of a legal name change.

The act also makes conforming changes to the statute allowing a probate court to decree that a state resident born in another jurisdiction has changed gender and that his or her birth certificate should be amended to reflect the change. The act requires the same written report and notarized affidavit described above. Prior law required the transgender person to submit an affidavit from a (1) physician stating that he or she physically changed gender and (2) psychologist, psychiatrist, or licensed clinical social worker stating that he or she socially and psychologically changed gender.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2015

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