PA 15-110—sSB 253

Public Health Committee

Insurance and Real Estate Committee


SUMMARY: This act requires an ambulance service to make a good faith effort to determine whether a person has health insurance before attempting to collect payment from the person for services provided. If the ambulance service determines that the person is insured, the act prohibits the service from trying to collect payment, other than a coinsurance, copayment, or deductible, from the person for covered medical services, before receiving notice from the insurer that it is not paying for the services.

If the insurer has not paid for the service or provided notice that it declines to do so within 60 days after receiving the bill, the ambulance service may attempt to collect payment from the person.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2015


Insurance Coverage of Ambulance Services

By law, health insurance policies must provide coverage for medically necessary ambulance services. A policy must at least cover such transportation to a hospital. Insurers are not required to provide ambulance benefits in excess of the maximum rates set by the Department of Public Health (CGS 38a-498 and 38a-525).

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