PA 15-76—HB 5027

General Law Committee

Public Health Committee



This act allows the preparation of food in private residences for sale if it is done according to regulations that the act requires the public health (DPH) commissioner to adopt, after consulting with the consumer protection (DCP) commissioner. (PA 15-242, 57, instead requires the DCP commissioner to adopt the regulations after consulting with the DPH commissioner. )

The act also exempts home bakeries from the law's bakery licensing requirement. Under prior law, home bakeries had to be licensed by DCP. Among other requirements, bakeries must pass a DCP inspection to be licensed.

Existing law allows the sale of home-made food in certain circumstances, including (1) specified products prepared at residential farms (jams, jellies, preserves, acidified food products, and maple syrup) and (2) foods prepared for bake sales or similar events (CGS 21a-24a, -24b, and -115).

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2015

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