Chapter 368a Department of Public Health
Secs. 19a-6g, 19a-6h, 19a-6i, 19a-6n, 19a-6o, 19a-6p, 19a-7j, 19a-7n, 19a-14, 19a-24, 19a-32c, 19a-32d, 19a-35b, 19a-55, 19a-72, 19a-87b, 19a-88, 19a-92a & 19a-109
Chapter 368d Emergency Medical Services
Sec. 19a-195a
Chapter 368e Municipal Health Authorities
Sec. 19a-232
Chapter 368g Lung Disease, Tuberculosis, Chronic Illness and Breast and Cervical Cancer
Sec. 19a-266
Chapter 368j Cemeteries
Sec. 19a-297
Chapter 368k Crematories
Secs. 19a-323 & 19a-324
Chapter 368m Nuisances and Public Places
Secs. 19a-343 & 19a-343a
Chapter 368v Health Care Institutions
Secs. 19a-486c, 19a-490, 19a-490h, 19a-490t, 19a-491, 19a-491a, 19a-491b, 19a-491c, 19a-493, 19a-493c, 19a-496, 19a-497, 19a-498, 19a-502, 19a-510a, 19a-521, 19a-521c, 19a-521d, 19a-522, 19a-522c, 19a-522f, 19a-523, 19a-524, 19a-525, 19a-526, 19a-527, 19a-528, 19a-529, 19a-531, 19a-532, 19a-534, 19a-534a, 19a-538, 19a-541, 19a-542, 19a-543, 19a-544, 19a-545, 19a-546, 19a-547, 19a-548, 19a-549, 19a-550 & 19a-551
Chapter 368x AIDS Testing and Medical Information
Sec. 19a-581
Chapter 368z Office of Health Care Access
Secs. 19a-638, 19a-639, 19a-649, 19a-653 & 19a-681
Chapter 368cc Sustinet Health Care Cabinet
Secs. 19a-724 to 19a-724b & 19a-725
Chapter 368dd Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut
Sec. 19a-750
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