PA 14-229—sSB 477

Education Committee


SUMMARY: This act makes various changes in student expulsion laws regarding the (1) shortening of expulsion periods and (2) erasure of expulsion records.

Prior law allowed local and regional boards of education to shorten or waive any student's expulsion period if he or she had never previously been suspended or expelled and successfully completed a board-specified program and met other conditions. The act eliminates boards' ability to do this if a student has been expelled for possessing a firearm or deadly weapon. (Federal law mandates an expulsion period of one calendar year for such offenses. )

By law, a student's cumulative educational record must include notice of any expulsion and the behavior that caused it. The act (1) changes the circumstances that require boards to erase expulsion records and (2) adds circumstances under which boards may erase such records at their discretion.

Prior law required boards to erase a student's expulsion record upon high school graduation; however, it prohibited boards from erasing expulsions for firearm or deadly weapon possession, unless the expulsion period had been shortened or waived after the student completed a board-specified program and met other board requirements. The act instead (1) requires boards to erase firearm and deadly weapon expulsion records upon high school graduation if the offense occurred in kindergarten through grade eight and (2) eliminates boards' ability to erase a ninth through twelfth grade student's expulsion for firearm or deadly weapon possession.

The act gives boards discretion to erase expulsion records before a student's high school graduation when his or her conduct and behavior in the years following expulsion demonstrates that early erasure is warranted. It allows boards to receive and consider evidence of any disciplinary problems following the student's expulsion when considering early erasure, including removal from a classroom, suspension, or expulsion. Under existing law, boards may erase expulsion records before graduation when a student completes a board-specified program and meets other board conditions.

The act also makes a technical change.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2014

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