PA 14-211—sSB 417

Public Health Committee


SUMMARY: This act allows a “multi-care institution” to offer certain health services at locations not listed on its license. It does so by eliminating the requirement that the Department of Public Health (DPH) issue a license only for the premises and persons named in the application. The act also specifies a multi-care institution license application process and allows DPH to adopt regulations to implement its provisions.

The act also specifies that all health care institutions, instead of only home health care agencies and homemaker-home health aide agencies, must obtain a DPH license if they are not otherwise required to be licensed by the state.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2014



The act defines a multi-care institution as a licensed hospital, psychiatric outpatient clinic for adults, free-standing facility for the care or treatment of substance abusing or dependent people, hospital for psychiatric disabilities, or a general acute care hospital that provides outpatient behavioral health services that (1) has more than one facility or one or more satellite units owned and operated by a single licensee and (2) offers complex patient health care services at each facility or satellite unit. Neither the act nor existing law defines “complex patient health care services.

Medical Services

The act allows a multi-care institution to provide behavioral health services or substance use disorder treatment services on the premises of more than one facility, at a satellite unit, or at another location acceptable to the patient and consistent with his or her treatment plan. These services may be offered under the terms of its existing license.

Application Process

Under the act, a multi-care institution that intends to offer services at a satellite unit or other location outside of its facilities or satellite units must apply to DPH for approval of the off-site location. The application must be on a form and completed in the manner the commissioner prescribes. Within 45 days of receipt, the commissioner must notify the multi-care institution of her decision to approve or deny the application.

If the location is approved, it must (1) be deemed licensed and (2) comply with the applicable requirements. This allows DPH to, among other things, conduct investigations and take other actions to ensure compliance with applicable licensure laws and regulations.


The act allows the commissioner to adopt regulations to carry out the multi-care institution provisions. It also allows the commissioner to implement policies and procedures necessary while in the process of adopting regulations, provided that she prints a notice of intent to adopt regulations in the Connecticut Law Journal within 20 days after the date of implementation. The act specifies that policies and procedures implemented in this way are valid until final regulations are adopted.

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