PA 14-177—HB 5526

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act requires the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement to (1) establish, maintain, and periodically update a list of all delinquent child support obligors and (2) publish, on the Department of Social Services' website, a list of the 100 individuals with the highest delinquent child support obligations. The bureau must establish the lists using information on initial or modified support orders contained in the state case registry and include, at a minimum, the (1) obligors' names and residential addresses and (2) amounts of delinquent child support owed, excluding any amount for which an appeal is pending.

Under the act, a “delinquent child support obligor” is a person who (1) owes overdue court-ordered child support that amounts to more than 90 days of his or her periodic payments on a current child support or arrearage payment order or (2) has failed to make court-ordered medical or dental insurance coverage available within 90 days after the order or maintain the coverage for 90 days.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2014

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