PA 14-117—sSB 330

Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee

Government Administration and Elections Committee


SUMMARY: This act conforms law to current practice by requiring the Board of Regents for Higher Education (BOR) to appoint two vice presidents upon the BOR president's recommendation, one for the Connecticut State University System (CSUS) and one for the regional community-technical colleges (CTC). Under prior law, BOR had to appoint a vice president for each constituent unit of higher education (UConn, CSUS, CTC, and Charter Oak State College). By law, the vice presidents' duties include overseeing academic programs, student support services, and institutional support.

The act also eliminates statutory references to the Board for State Academic Awards (BSAA) and replaces them with references to BOR or Charter Oak State College, as appropriate. For example, it renames the Board of State Academic Awards Operating Fund as the Board of Regents for Higher Education for Charter Oak State College Operating Fund.

BSAA was formerly a nine-member board that governed Charter Oak State College. PA 11-48 transferred BSAA's powers and duties to BOR but retained statutory references to BSAA. Thus BOR, acting as BSAA, has governed Charter Oak since January 1, 2012.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2014

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