PA 14-86—sHB 5554

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act expands the crime of criminal impersonation to include pretending to be a state marshal to (1) obtain a benefit or (2) induce someone to submit to the pretended authority or act in reliance on the pretense. By law, criminal impersonation is a class A misdemeanor (see Table of Penalties).

The act also makes it a class A misdemeanor for an “indifferent person” (someone other than a state marshal, constable, or other proper officer) to serve process knowing that he or she is not authorized to do so.

By law, a proper officer and, under limited circumstances, an indifferent person may serve process in a civil action. An indifferent person may do so (1) if multiple defendants living in different counties in the state are named in the process or (2) in the case of a writ of attachment (an order to seize or attach property), a plaintiff, or his or her agent or attorney, makes an oath before the authority signing the order that he or she is in danger of losing the debt or demand unless an indifferent person is authorized to serve process immediately.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2014

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