PA 14-68—SB 34

Transportation Committee

Public Safety and Security Committee


SUMMARY: This act adds an applicant's criminal history and financial stability to factors the Department of Transportation (DOT) must consider when deciding whether to allow the applicant to operate a moving company. It eliminates, as such a factor, the public need for the service.

By law, someone seeking to operate a moving company must obtain a certificate of public convenience and necessity from DOT. In deciding whether to issue such a certificate, DOT must consider, in addition to the applicant's criminal history and financial stability:

1. the applicant's suitability, financial responsibility, and ability to efficiently perform the service;

2. existing motor transportation facilities and the effect on them of granting a certificate;

3. the condition of, and effect on, the involved highways; and

4. public safety on those highways.

The law presumes that public convenience and necessity require the operation of a moving company if it appears that no moving company serves the route or routes an applicant seeks. But DOT cannot refuse to issue a certificate solely because another moving company already serves the area.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2014

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