PA 14-44—sSB 318

Labor and Public Employees Committee

Government Administration and Elections Committee


SUMMARY: This act allows certain records, notices, and certifications required for prevailing wage jobs to be submitted, maintained, or certified electronically. Specifically, it allows:

1. employers to (a) electronically submit their monthly certified payroll records to the state or local contracting agency and (b) keep, maintain, and preserve these payroll records in an electronic format, and

2. a state or local contracting agency to electronically (a) notify a contractor that it is terminating the contractor's right to work on the job because of the contractor's, or a subcontractor's, failure to pay the required prevailing wages; (b) notify the labor commissioner that it has terminated such a contractor's right to work on a job; and (c) certify a prevailing wage job's total cost to the labor commissioner.

Prior law required an employer submitting a certified payroll to include an original signed statement indicating that the payroll was correct and the employer had met other requirements. The act removes the requirement for an original statement, thus allowing it to also be submitted electronically.

The act also broadens the circumstances requiring a state or local contracting agency to certify a prevailing wage job's total cost. By law, the agency must do so before awarding a contract subject to prevailing wage requirements. The act additionally requires it to do so before awarding any purchase orders, bid packages, or other designations subject to prevailing wage requirements.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2015


Prevailing Wage Requirements

The state's prevailing wage law requires contractors on certain state or municipal public works projects to pay prevailing hourly wages to their mechanics, laborers, and other workers. This requirement applies to repair and renovation projects costing $100,000 or more and new construction projects costing $400,000 or more. Contractors on these projects must submit monthly certified payrolls to the contracting state or local agency verifying that they have met the law's requirements.

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