PA 13-267—SB 1142

Judiciary Committee

Energy and Technology Committee


SUMMARY: This act allows the correction commissioner, within available resources, to conduct a pilot program to use renewable energy sources at one or more correctional facilities for space heating and cooling, domestic hot water, and other applications. Renewable energy sources include solar, wind, water, and biomass.

If the commissioner conducts the program, the act requires him to consider specified factors when choosing the appropriate facility for the pilot. These factors include the (1) nature of the inmate population at each correctional facility, (2) topography of the facility's area, and (3) impact on the municipality and local wildlife.

Under the act, any energy produced under the program must be allocated to the correctional facility. Excess energy must be allocated to benefit the municipality where the facility is located. The commissioner can apply for grants or other financial assistance from private sources or state or federal agencies.

If the commissioner conducts the program, he must report on it, within one year of it becoming operational, to the Appropriations, Energy, and Judiciary committees. The report must indicate the (1) amount of energy the program produced, (2) amount of energy cost savings, and (3) estimated energy benefit to the municipality. It must also summarize the response the commissioner received to the program.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2013

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