PA 13-165—HB 5515

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act extends to additional inmates the opportunity to remain at a correctional institution beyond a maximum sentence term. It allows inmates to ask to remain in a correctional facility for up to 30 days after their discharge date (1) if the treatment program or health care institution to which they are to be discharged is unable to accept them on the discharge date or (2) for any compelling reason consistent with their rehabilitation or treatment. By law, inmates participating in a state program or a Department of Correction (DOC) drug or work or education release program may request an extended stay of up to 90 days.

As under existing law, inmates seeking an extended stay must make the request in writing at least one week before their scheduled release. By law, the DOC commissioner may charge inmates granted permission to stay a reasonable daily fee.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2013

OLR Tracking: CR: JO: TA: RO