PA 13-153—HB 6596

Public Safety and Security Committee

Planning and Development Committee


SUMMARY: Prior law prohibited municipal police and firefighters covered under state (Connecticut Municipal Employees' Retirement System) or local retirement systems from participating in the Social Security system. This act removes the prohibition for police and fire service performed on or after August 16, 1994.

It allows these employees and their municipal employers to begin a process, which includes a federally required referendum, leading to their participation in Social Security. Under the act, a municipality can request a referendum for police and firefighters with service on or after August 16, 1994 to begin the statutory steps for joining the Social Security system (see BACKGROUND).

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage


Social Security Act (SSA) and Insurance Coverage for State and Municipal Employees

The SSA ( 18) provides for voluntary agreements between the social security commissioner and the state to extend Social Security insurance coverage to services performed by state and municipal employees. State law implements the procedures for such agreements (CGS 7-452 to 459). The SSA ( 418(d)(5)(A)) initially prohibited the extension of the Social Security insurance system “to service in any policeman's or fireman's position. ” It was amended in 1994 to allow extensions for service performed by employees in policeman's or fireman's position covered by a retirement system in effect on or after August 1, 1956, but only upon compliance with referendum requirements ( 418l).

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