OLR Bill Analysis

sSB 999



This bill authorizes a penalty the education commissioner must impose on school districts that fail to forward student education records in certain circumstances. When a student transfers from one school district to another, current law requires the student's former district to transfer the student's records to the new district. The bill requires the commissioner to impose a penalty on the former district if it fails to forward the records within 10 business days after being notified of the transfer. The penalty is $100 per day for each day beyond the deadline and applies to all public school districts, state charter schools, and unified school districts. The commissioner may waive the penalty if the violating district or school shows good cause.

Additionally, the bill changes the deadline by which public school districts and charter schools must give notice of transferred enrollment to the student's former unified school district from 10 calendar days to 10 business days. It also changes the deadline for forwarding student education records from 10 days to 10 business days after enrollment when:

1. a student transfers out of a public school district or state charter school to another public school district or state charter school, or

2. a student transfers out of Unified School District #1, #2, or #3 to another public school district or state charter school.

The bill also requires public school districts and state charter schools to credit instruction from Unified School District #3 within 30 calendar days of receiving the student's education records.

Lastly, the bill requires local and regional boards of education to immediately enroll any student who transfers from Unified School District #3, as they must under current law with respect to students who transfer from Unified School Districts #1 and #2.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2013


Unified School District # 1

This district serves students in Department of Corrections custody.

Unified School District # 2

This district serves students who live in Department of Children and Families (DCF) facilities or are placed in residential or hospital facilities by DCF.

Unified School District # 3

This district serves students who have significant developmental delays or have been diagnosed with a physical or mental condition that carries a high probability of resulting in a significant developmental delay. These students are not old enough to receive special education services, so they receive services from the Birth to Three system under the Department of Developmental Services.


Education Committee

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