OLR Bill Analysis

sSB 962



This bill raises, from $100,000 to $200,000, the threshold value at which certain state agency capital projects and grant authorizations are considered growth-related projects and thus, must be undertaken in designated priority funding areas. Existing law (1) requires the State Plan of Conservation and Development (C&D) to identify the boundaries for priority funding areas and (2) generally prohibits state agencies, departments, or institutions from providing funding for growth-related projects outside of them. The priority funding area boundaries will become effective upon the legislature's adoption of the next State Plan of C&D (see BACKGROUND).

By raising this threshold value, the bill aligns it with the threshold the law sets for state agency actions that must be consistent with the State Plan of C&D.

The bill also subjects state grants of more than $200,000 to the priority funding area restrictions if the grant is for a project that adds to an existing facility. As under current law, grants for certain projects and activities, including for maintaining, repairing, or renovating existing facilities, continue to be exempt from the restrictions.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2013


Project Thresholds

Under current law, growth-related projects are those that include the:

1. acquisition of real property, other than open space for conservation or preservation purposes, costing more than $100,000;

2. development or improvement of real property costing more than $100,000;

3. acquisition of public transportation facilities or equipment costing more than $100,000; and

4. authorization of state grants, with certain exceptions, of more than $100,000, if the grant application was not pending on July 1, 2006, to (a) acquire, develop, or improve real property or (b) acquire public transportation equipment or facilities.

The bill increases the thresholds for these projects and grants to $200,000. By law, when the state agency actions described above exceed $200,000 and are funded by the state or federal government, they must be consistent with the State Plan of C&D (CGS 16a-31).


2013-2018 State Plan of C&D

The State Plan of C&D is a statement of the state's development, resource management, and public investment policies. The Office of Policy and Management develops the plan, which goes before the legislature for hearings and approval.

The legislature is scheduled to vote on adopting the next plan revision during the current session. The Continuing Legislative Committee on State Planning and Development held a public hearing on the 2013-2018 State Plan of C&D on February 22, 2013 and, on April 8, 2013, voted to submit the plan to the General Assembly for its approval.


Planning and Development Committee

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