OLR Bill Analysis

sHB 6671 (as amended by House “A” and “B”)*



This bill allows state employees in the unclassified service to compete in promotional examinations for positions in the classified service without having previous permanent status in the classified service. Under current law, unclassified employees can compete for classified positions if they possess the minimum qualifications established by the administrative services commissioner, but they must have previous permanent status in the classified service to compete in promotional examinations for the positions.

Additionally, the bill requires (1) the governor to proclaim the following months and day of each year to honor Americans of different ancestry and (2) suitable exercises to be held in the State Capitol and elsewhere as the governor designates:

1. March as Irish-American Month,

2. October as Italian-American Month,

3. November as Native American Month, and

4. June 24 as French Canadian-American Day.

The bill also establishes (1) the ballroom polka as the state polka and (2) Beautiful Connecticut Waltz, composed by Joseph Leggo, as the second state song. It specifies that Powered Flight Day is in honor of the first powered flight by Gustave Whitehead, rather than the Wright Brothers.

The bill requires the legislature to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the Connecticut-Taiwan sister state relationship. Suitable exercises must be held in the State Capitol and elsewhere as the legislature may designate. The bill allows the economic and community development commissioner to designate a day, week, or month for celebrating ethnic, cultural, or heritage groups upon the application of such groups. In practice, such days, weeks, or months are proclaimed by the governor in his role as the chief executive.

Lastly, the bill makes technical changes.

*House Amendment “A”:

1. adds the provisions on promotional examinations and the Connecticut-Taiwan sister state relationship;

2. eliminates provisions (a) requiring state agencies to communicate with clients in a culturally competent way, (b) requiring the Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee to study the feasibility of creating a centralized state permitting office, and (c) establishing the polka as the state dance; and

3. makes technical changes.

*House Amendment “B” adds the provision concerning Powered Flight Day.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage


Government Administration and Elections Committee

Joint Favorable Substitute