OLR Bill Analysis

sHB 6469



This bill makes many changes to the kinds of analyses, summaries, and data the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) must include in its annual report to the governor and legislature. It mostly eliminates many reporting requirements and makes conforming technical changes to other laws that refer to them. It also eliminates the requirement that the annual report incorporate any other statutorily required report.

The bill adds the requirement that the report include an overview of DECD's tourism-, arts-, and historic preservation-related activities.

The bill eliminates a separate report Connecticut Innovations, Inc. must prepare on the financial assistance it provided to businesses within the state's economic clusters, which are groups of businesses linked together through customers, suppliers, or other relationships. It also makes related technical changes.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2013


Current law requires DECD to address 22 general topics in its annual report and specifies the kind of analyses, summaries, and data DECD must provide with respect to each topic. The bill eliminates some topics, including their specific reporting requirements. It retains other topics, but eliminates some of their specific reporting requirements. Table 1 summarizes the changes the bill makes to reporting requirements.

Table 1: Summary of Bill's Changes to DECD's Annual Reporting Requirements


Bill's Changes

Description and Assessment of State's Economy

Deletes topic and specified reporting requirements

Statement of DECD's Economic and Community Development Objectives, Performance Measures, and Standards for Granting Financial and Non-Financial Assistance

Deleted topic (current law specifies no additional reporting requirements)

Analysis of DECD's Economic Development Portfolio

Retains topic but deletes the following reporting requirements:

extent to which the employees of recipient companies participate in company-health plans

extent to which recipient companies offer unique economic, social, cultural, or aesthetic attributes to the host municipality

analysis of the portfolio's wage data by municipality

share of financial assistance provided to high performance work organizations

productivity resulting from such financial assistance

impact of assistance of property values

Analysis of DECD's Community Development Portfolio

Retains topic, but deletes the following reporting requirements:

total portfolio by municipality

total investment for the prior year by municipality

leverage ratio for prior year's investments

prior year's investment activity

direct and indirect jobs the portfolio created during prior year

productivity resulting from the investments

Summaries of DECD's Prior Year's Marketing Efforts and Business Recruitment Strategies and Small and Minority-Business Assistance Efforts

Delete topic (current law specifies no additional reporting requirements)

Summary of DECD's International Trade Efforts

No change

Identification of Existing Economic Clusters, Prior Year's Measures to Assist them, and Bonds Spent on Clusters

Deletes topic (current law specifies no additional reporting requirements)

Summary of DECD's Brownfields-Related Efforts and Activities of Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development


Enterprise Zone Program Information


Biodiesel Producer Incentive Account Program Assessment


Fuel Diversification Grant Program Assessment


Summary of Permit Ombudsman's Prior Year's Brownfields-Related Efforts and Activities

Retains topic, but deletes the following reporting requirements:

applicants receiving expedited review

request dates for expedited review

each applicant's claims for expedited review

state agencies that participated in expedited review process

application approval or denial dates

reasons for denying expedited review

DECD's Housing Development-Related Functions

Retains topic, but deletes the following reporting requirements:

description and assessment of state's housing market

list of municipalities where developers can access the affordable housing land use appeals procedure

statement of DECD's housing development objectives, program measures, and standards for funding housing projects

DECD's State Funded Housing Development Portfolio

Retains topic, but deletes the following reporting requirements:

for each recipient, the number of new units to be created and the number of units to be preserved when the recipient applied for funding

leverage ratio for prior year's investments

for each municipality:

total number of units created

total units preserved

analysis of the income groups served by DECD's housing programs

specified data related to DECD's efforts to promote fair housing choice and racial and economic integration

Housing Development Portfolio's Economic Impact

Retains topic, but deletes the requirement that DECD report on the direct and indirect jobs created by the portfolio's investments

Housing Trust Fund and Housing Trust Fund Program Activities


Social and Economic Impact of DECD's Economic, Community, and Housing Development Efforts and Activities and Assessment of DECD's Performance in Meeting Stated Goals and Objectives

No change

Connecticut Credit Consortium Activities

Deletes topic (current law specifies no additional reporting requirements)

Small Business Express Program Data

No change

Summary of Airport Development Zones' Costs and Benefits

No change

Overview of DECD's Tourism, Arts, and Historic Preservation Efforts

Adds new topic, but does not specify additional reporting requirements.


Commerce Committee

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