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General Assembly



January Session, 2013

LCO No. 6550



Offered by:


SEN. STILLMAN, 20th Dist.


SEN. BOUCHER, 26th Dist.

REP. ACKERT, 8th Dist.


SEN. CRISCO, 17th Dist.

SEN. DOYLE, 9th Dist.

SEN. DUFF, 25th Dist.

SEN. HARTLEY, 15th Dist.

SEN. LEBEAU, 3rd Dist.

SEN. LOONEY, 11th Dist.

SEN. MAYNARD, 18th Dist.

SEN. MUSTO, 22nd Dist.

SEN. OSTEN, 19th Dist.

SEN. SLOSSBERG, 14th Dist.

REP. CANDELORA, 86th Dist.

REP. COOK, 65th Dist.

REP. DARGAN, 115th Dist.

REP. DAVIS P. , 117th Dist.

REP. GENGA, 10th Dist.

REP. GIEGLER, 138th Dist.

REP. HOVEY, 112th Dist.

REP. HOYDICK, 120th Dist.

REP. KLARIDES, 114th Dist.

REP. KOKORUDA, 101st Dist.

REP. MINER, 66th Dist.

REP. MORIN, 28th Dist.

REP. REBIMBAS, 70th Dist.

REP. ROJAS, 9th Dist.

REP. URBAN, 43rd Dist.

REP. WILLIAMS, 68th Dist.

REP. WOOD, 141st Dist.

REP. YACCARINO, 87th Dist.

To: Senate Bill No. 1099

File No. 494

Cal. No. 359


Strike everything after the enacting clause and substitute the following in lieu thereof:

"Section 1. (NEW) (Effective from passage) For the school year commencing July 1, 2013, and each school year thereafter, no local or regional board of education may employ or enter into an agreement, as described in subdivision (2) of subsection (b) of section 53a-217b of the general statutes, with any person to provide security services in a public school if such person will possess a firearm, as defined in section 53a-3 of the general statutes, while in the performance of his or her duties, unless such person is certified under the provisions of sections 7-294a to 7-294e, inclusive, of the general statutes. "

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Section 1

from passage

New section