Connecticut Seal

Substitute House Bill No. 6396

Public Act No. 13-109


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. (NEW) (Effective July 1, 2013) (a) For purposes of this section, (1) "livable community" means a community with affordable and appropriate housing, infrastructure, community services and transportation options for residents of all ages, and (2) "age in place" means the ability of residents to stay in their own homes or community settings of their choice regardless of age or disability.

(b) The Commission on Aging shall establish a "Livable Communities" initiative to serve as a forum for best practices and a clearinghouse for resources to help municipal and state leaders to design livable communities to allow residents of this state to age in place.

(c) The Commission on Aging shall establish and facilitate partnerships with (1) municipal leaders, (2) representatives of municipal senior and social services offices, (3) community stakeholders, (4) planning and zoning boards and commissions, (5) representatives of philanthropic organizations, and (6) representatives of social services and health organizations to (A) plan informational forums on livable communities, (B) investigate innovative approaches to livable communities nationwide, and (C) identify various public, private and philanthropic funding sources to design such communities.

(d) Not later than January 1, 2014, the Commission on Aging shall establish a single portal on its Internet web site for information and resources concerning the livable communities initiative.

(e) Not later than July 1, 2014, and annually thereafter, the Commission on Aging, in accordance with the provisions of section 11-4a of the general statutes, shall submit a report on the initiative to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to aging, housing, human services and transportation.

Approved June 6, 2013