Public Health Committee


Monday, March 25, 2013


I. Convene Meeting

II. Remarks By The Chairs

III. Bills To Be Considered For JF Action

1. S.B. No. 360 (COMM) An Act Concerning Education Programs For Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated With Streptococcal Infections. (PH) Proposed Action: JF - Floor

2. S.B. No. 872 (RAISED) An Act Concerning The Use Of Indoor Tanning Devices By Persons Under Eighteen Years Of Age. (PH) Proposed Action: JF - Floor

3. S.B. No. 896 (RAISED) An Act Concerning A Homeless Person's Bill Of Rights. (PH) Proposed Action: JFS - Floor

4. S.B. No. 967 (RAISED) An Act Concerning Expenses Relating To The Sale Of Nonprofit Hospitals. (PH) Proposed Action: JF - Floor

5. H.B. No. 5727 (COMM) An Act Concerning The Time For Parental Notification When A Child Is Admitted To A Hospital For Diagnosis Or Treatment Of A Mental Disorder. (PH) Proposed Action: JF - Floor

6. H.B. No. 6483 (RAISED) An Act Requiring Students Playing The Position Of Goaltender In School Athletic Programs To Wear Mouth Guards. (PH) Proposed Action: JF - ED

7. H.B. No. 6485 (RAISED) An Act Concerning A Barbershop Apprenticeship Program. (PH) Proposed Action: JF - Floor

8. H.B. No. 6522 (RAISED) An Act Concerning The Availability And Use Of Certain Devices To Administer Antiepileptic Medication. (PH) Proposed Action: JFS - Floor

IV. Announcement Of Time And Date Of Next Meeting

V. Adjournment