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As Amended by House "A" (LCO 7848)

House Calendar No.: 172

OFA Fiscal Note

State Impact: Potential Fiscal Impact in the Out Years

Municipal Impact: None


The bill is not anticipated to result in a cost in either FY 14 or FY 15 as the requirement of any person to not sell, offer for sale, or distribute certain products is not anticipated to be implemented until the out years due to the bill's requirements needed prior to implementation.

The bill specifies that the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) implement the provisions within available appropriations. However, if the bill were to be implemented the cost to the state would be an estimated $117,632 in the out years due to requiring certain products to be labeled “Produced with Genetic Engineering” and adopting mandatory labeling laws for genetically engineered food. DCP may incur costs of $90,000 for a Consumer Protection Food Inspector and a part-time paralegal to respond to complaints and issues related to genetically engineered products. This includes salaries ($80,000) and other expenses ($10,000) including computers, software, travel and fringe benefits ($27,632). The additional staff will need to examine the chain of production of suspect products in order to determine if such products meet the requirements of the bill. The cost could vary depending on the timing of implementation.

House “A” was a strike all amendment that altered the implementation requirements with the resulting impact identified above.

The Out Years

The impact identified above is anticipated in the out years only subject to inflation.