Chapter 815a Family Matters
Sec. 46b-15
Chapter 815e Marriage
Secs. 46b-38a, 46b-38b & 46b-38c
Chapter 815j Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation and Annulment
Secs. 46b-56c, 46b-62 & 46b-86
Chapter 815t Juvenile Matters
Secs. 46b-120, 46b-121, 46b-122, 46b-123c to 46b-123e, 46b-124, 46b-127, 46b-129, 46b-129a, 46b-130, 46b-133, 46b-135, 46b-136, 46b-137, 46b-140, 46b-141 & 46b-150d
Chapter 815y Paternity Matters
Secs. 46b-168a, 46b-170, 46b-171 & 46b-172
Chapter 816 Support
Secs. 46b-207, 46b-208, 46b-213d, 46b-213w, 46b-215, 46b-215a, 46b-215b, 46b-215c, 46b-225, 46b-231 & 46b-233a

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