Chapter 697 General Provisions
Secs. 38a-11, 38a-15 & 38a-19
Chapter 698 Insurers
Secs. 38a-88a, 38a-91aa, 38a-91bb, 38a-91dd, 38a-91ee, 38a-91ff, 38a-91gg, 38a-91hh, 38a-91ii, 38a-91jj, 38a-91kk, 38a-91nn, 38a-91oo, 38a-91pp, 38a-91qq, 38a-91rr, 38a-91ss, 38a-91tt & 38a-155
Chapter 698a Health Care and Related Service Groups
Secs. 38a-175 & 38a-226 to 38a-226d
Chapter 698d Unauthorized Insurers Act
Secs. 38a-271 & 38a-277
Chapter 700 Property and Casualty Insurance
Secs. 38a-307, 38a-313a, 38a-326, 38a-335 & 38a-358
Chapter 700a Title Insurance
Sec. 38a-411
Chapter 700b Life Insurance, Annuities, Burial Contracts and Life Settlements
Secs. 38a-430 & 38a-457
Chapter 700c Health Insurance
Secs. 38a-472, 38a-472c, 38a-472d, 38a-472f, 38a-472g, 38a-472h, 38a-472i, 38a-473, 38a-474, 38a-476, 38a-477b, 38a-477c, 38a-478, 38a-478a, 38a-478b, 38a-478c, 38a-478d, 38a-478g, 38a-478h, 38a-478l, 38a-478m and 38a-478n, 38a-478p, 38a-478r, 38a-478s, 38a-478t, 38a-478u, 38a-479, 38a-479b, 38a-479aa, 38a-479bb, 38a-479ee, 38a-479ff, 38a-481, 38a-482a, 38a-482c, 38a-483b, 38a-483c, 38a-488b, 38a-489, 38a-490, 38a-490a, 38a-491b, 38a-492a, 38a-492b, 38a-492g, 38a-492i, 38a-492j, 38a-492k, 38a-492o, 38a-493, 38a-495b, 38a-495c, 38a-496, 38a-497, 38a-499, 38a-503, 38a-503b, 38a-503c, 38a-503d, 38a-503e, 38a-504, 38a-504a, 38a-504b, 38a-504c, 38a-504d, 38a-504e, 38a-504f, 38a-504g, 38a-507, 38a-512a, 38a-512b, 38a-512c, 38a-513, 38a-513a, 38a-513b, 38a-513c, 38a-513f, 38a-513g, 38a-514b, 38a-515, 38a-516, 38a-516a, 38a-517b, 38a-518a, 38a-518b, 38a-518g, 38a-518i, 38a-518j, 38a-518k, 38a-518o, 38a-519, 38a-520, 38a-524, 38a-526, 38a-530, 38a-530b, 38a-530c, 38a-530d, 38a-530e, 38a-534, 38a-542, 38a-542a, 38a-542b, 38a-542c, 38a-542d, 38a-542e, 38a-542f, 38a-542g, 38a-546, 38a-556a, 38a-564, 38a-567, 38a-591, 38a-591a, 38a-591b, 38a-591c, 38a-591d, 38a-591e, 38a-591f, 38a-591g, 38a-591h, 38a-591i, 38a-591j, 38a-591k, 38a-591l & 38a-591m
Chapter 700f Bail Bond Insurance
Secs. 38a-660, 38a-660a, 38a-660b, 38a-660c, 38a-660d, 38a-660e, 38a-660f, 38a-660g, 38a-660h, 38a-660i, 38a-660j, 38a-660k, 38a-660l & 38a-660m
Chapter 701 Personal and Commercial Risk Insurance Rating Practices
Secs. 38a-685, 38a-686 & 38a-688a
Chapter 701a Insurance Producers, Agents and Third-Party Administrators
Secs. 38a-720, 38a-720a, 38a-720b, 38a-720c, 38a-720d, 38a-720e, 38a-720f, 38a-720g, 38a-720h, 38a-720i, 38a-720j, 38a-720k, 38a-720l, 38a-720m & 38a-720n
Chapter 701d Surplus Lines Brokers
Secs. 38a-741 & 38a-743
Chapter 704 Unfair and Prohibited Practices
Sec. 38a-816
Chapter 704a Insurance Guaranty Funds
Secs. 38a-839, 38a-841 & 38a-843
Chapter 706b Office of the Healthcare Advocate
Secs. 38a-1040 & 38a-1041
Chapter 706c Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange
Secs. 38a-1080, 38a-1081, 38a-1082, 38a-1083, 38a-1084, 38a-1085, 38a-1086, 38a-1087, 38a-1088, 38a-1089 & 38a-1090

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