Chapter 578 Department of Economic and Community Development
Secs. 32-1f and 32-1g, 32-1m, 32-1n, 32-1o, 32-1s, 32-4b, 32-4e, 32-4f, 32-4i, 32-4j, 32-4k, 32-4l, 32-6a, 32-6i, 32-6j, 32-6k, 32-7f, 32-7g, 32-9j, 32-9p, 32-9r, 32-9s, 32-9t, 32-9cc, 32-9ee, 32-9ff, 32-9kk, 32-9ll, 32-9mm, 32-9ww, 32-9yy & 32-9zz
Chapter 579 Connecticut Development Authority
Secs. 32-11a & 32-23zz
Chapter 581 Innovation Capital Act of 1989. Connecticut Innovations, Incorporated
Secs. 32-35, 32-39, 32-41s, 32-41x, 32-41y & 32-41z
Chapter 583 Defense Contracts
Sec. 32-56
Chapter 585 Enterprise Zones, Entertainment Districts, Enterprise Corridor Zones and Airport Development Zones
Sec. 32-75d
Chapter 588 Small Business Advisory Council
Sec. 32-96
Chapter 588k Lower Fairfield County Convention Center Authority
Sec. 32-204
Chapter 588l Economic Development and Manufacturing Assistance
Secs. 32-235 & 32-237
Chapter 588n Credit, Jobs, Capital Investment and Tax Incremental Financing Programs
Secs. 32-277, 32-285, 32-290, 32-290a & 32-291
Chapter 588p Energy Conservation Loans and Investment in Alternative Fuels
Sec. 32-324a
Chapter 588r Small Business
Secs. 32-345, 32-348 & 32-356
Chapter 588x Capital City Economic Development Authority. Capital City Projects
Secs. 32-601 & 32-602
Chapter 588z Adriaen's Landing and Rentschler Field
Sec. 32-665
Chapter 588cc Innovation Network for Economic Development
Secs. 32-717 and 32-718
Chapter 588ee Connecticut Competitiveness Council
Sec. 32-730

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