Chapter 368a Department of Public Health
Secs. 19a-2a, 19a-4j, 19a-6i, 19a-6j, 19a-6k, 19a-6l, 19a-7f, 19a-7j, 19a-14, 19a-16d, 19a-16e, 19a-16f, 19a-17, 19a-25e, 19a-32f, 19a-32g, 19a-32n, 19a-32o, 19a-32p, 19a-32q, 19a-32r, 19a-32s, 19a-32t, 19a-32u, 19a-32v, 19a-33, 19a-37, 19a-42, 19a-42a, 19a-45b, 19a-55, 19a-77, 19a-77a, 19a-80, 19a-80f, 19a-87a, 19a-87b, 19a-87e, 19a-91, 19a-112h, 19a-124 & 19a-125
Chapter 368d Emergency Medical Services
Secs. 19a-177 & 19a-178a
Chapter 368e Municipal Health Authorities
Secs. 19a-215 & 19a-216
Chapter 368g Lung Disease, Tuberculosis, Chronic Illness and Breast and Cervical Cancer
Sec. 19a-266
Chapter 368i Anatomical Donations
Sec. 19a-270
Chapter 368j Cemeteries
Secs. 19a-315b & 19a-315c
Chapter 368k Crematories
Sec. 19a-323
Chapter 368q Medicolegal Investigations
Sec. 19a-407a
Chapter 368r Youth Camps
Sec. 19a-425
Chapter 368v Health Care Institutions
Secs. 19a-487, 19a-490k, 19a-490q, 19a-490r, 19a-490s, 19a-491, 19a-491c, 19a-491d, 19a-493b, 19a-494, 19a-495, 19a-495b, 19a-504c, 19a-522f, 19a-533, 19a-535, 19a-537 & 19a-545
Chapter 368z Office of Health Care Access
Secs. 19a-612d, 19a-631, 19a-632, 19a-632a, 19a-634, 19a-638, 19a-639a, 19a-639e, 19a-649, 19a-653, 19a-654, 19a-659, 19a-662, 19a-669, 19a-670, 19a-670a, 19a-671 and 19a-671a, 19a-672 and 19a-672a, 19a-673 & 19a-683
Chapter 368bb Managed Residential Communities
Sec. 19a-701
Chapter 368cc Office of Health Reform and Innovation. Sustinet Health Care Cabinet
Secs. 19a-710 to 19a-723, 19a-724, 19a-724a & 19a-725
Chapter 368dd Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut
Sec. 19a-750
Chapter 368ll Miscellaneous Provisions
Secs. 19a-902, 19a-903b & 19a-905

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