Chapter 319 Department of Children and Families
Secs. 17a-1, 17a-2, 17a-3, 17a-4, 17a-6b, 17a-7a, 17a-8, 17a-9, 17a-10, 17a-12, 17a-13, 17a-16a, 17a-17, 17a-22b, 17a-22d, 17a-22j, 17a-22aa, 17a-24, 17a-27c, 17a-27f, 17a-28, 17a-30, 17a-55, 17a-62 & 17a-62a
Chapter 319a Child Welfare
Secs. 17a-91, 17a-98a, 17a-100a, 17a-100b, 17a-101, 17a-101a, 17a-101b, 17a-101c, 17a-101d, 17a-101g, 17a-101h, 17a-101i, 17a-101k, 17a-101o, 17a-101p, 17a-102a, 17a-103d, 17a-103e, 17a-106d, 17a-114, 17a-126 & 17a-154
Chapter 319b Department of Developmental Services
Secs. 17a-210, 17a-210b, 17a-210c, 17a-210d, 17a-213, 17a-215, 17a-215b, 17a-215c, 17a-216, 17a-217, 17a-217a, 17a-218, 17a-218a, 17a-220, 17a-224, 17a-226, 17a-227, 17a-227a, 17a-228, 17a-231, 17a-232, 17a-233, 17a-246, 17a-247, 17a-247a, 17a-247b & 17a-248
Chapter 319c Council on Developmental Services. General Provisions
Secs. 17a-270, 17a-272, 17a-273, 17a-274, 17a-275, 17a-276, 17a-277, 17a-278 to 17a-280, 17a-281, 17a-282 & 17a-283a
Chapter 319d Department on Aging
Sec. 17a-317
Chapter 319i Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities
Secs. 17a-450, 17a-451, 17a-451d, 17a-453a and 17a-453b, 17a-458, 17a-458b to 17a-458d, 17a-460c, 17a-465, 17a-485 to 17a-485b, 17a-485c, 17a-485d, 17a-485e, 17a-485g, 17a-485h, 17a-580 & 17a-582

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