Chapter 277 Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. Office of Consumer Counsel. Miscellaneous Provisions
Secs. 16-1, 16-1b, 16-2, 16-2a, 16-2c, 16-2d, 16-3, 16-4, 16-6b, 16-7, 16-8, 16-8a, 16-9, 16-18a, 16-19, 16-19a, 16-19e, 16-19f, 16-19h, 16-19j, 16-19ss, 16-24a, 16-32f & 16-49
Chapter 277a Public Utility Environmental Standards Act
Secs. 16-50j, 16-50r, 16-50ii, 16-50jj & 16-50kk
Chapter 283 Telegraph, Telephone, Illuminating, Power and Water Companies
Secs. 16-231a, 16-243x, 16-244c, 16-244m, 16-244n, 16-244o, 16-244p, 16-244q, 16-244r, 16-244s, 16-244t, 16-244u, 16-244v, 16-245, 16-245d, 16-245h, 16-245j, 16-245m, 16-245n, 16-245o, 16-245r, 16-245y, 16-245z, 16-245ee, 16-245ff, 16-245gg, 16-245hh, 16-245ii, 16-245jj, 16-247q, 16-247r, 16-256b, 16-261a, 16-262c & 16-262m

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