Chapter 185 Board of Regents for Higher Education
Secs. 10a-1, 10a-1a, 10a-1b, 10a-1c, 10a-1d, 10a-1e, 10a-2, 10a-3, 10a-3a, 10a-4 to 10a-4b and 10a-5, 10a-6, 10a-6a, 10a-6b, 10a-8, 10a-8a, 10a-9 and 10a-9a, 10a-9b, 10a-10a, 10a-11, 10a-11a, 10a-11b, 10a-12a, 10a-15, 10a-17b and 10a-17c, 10a-17d, 10a-19, 10a-19a and 10a-19b, 10a-19d, 10a-19h, 10a-19i, 10a-20, 10a-22a, 10a-22b, 10a-22d, 10a-22h, 10a-22k, 10a-22n, 10a-22r, 10a-22s, 10a-22u, 10a-22v, 10a-22x, 10a-29, 10a-34, 10a-34a, 10a-34b, 10a-34c, 10a-34d, 10a-34e, 10a-34f, 10a-35, 10a-35a, 10a-37, 10a-38, 10a-39, 10a-40, 10a-42, 10a-42a, 10a-42g, 10a-48a, 10a-55a, 10a-55i, 10a-55j & 10a-55k
Chapter 185b Constituent Units
Secs. 10a-71, 10a-72, 10a-77, 10a-79, 10a-88, 10a-89, 10a-90, 10a-91, 10a-91d, 10a-92, 10a-99, 10a-102, 10a-104, 10a-105, 10a-109b, 10a-109c, 10a-109d, 10a-109e, 10a-109g, 10a-109w, 10a-109gg, 10a-109ii, 10a-109kk and 10a-109ll, 10a-110m, 10a-111a, 10a-112, 10a-112b, 10a-112g, 10a-121, 10a-132e, 10a-137, 10a-139, 10a-142, 10a-143 & 10a-151b
Chapter 186 State Financial Assistance
Secs. 10a-163a, 10a-164a, 10a-168a, 10a-169 & 10a-170
Chapter 187 Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority
Secs. 10a-178 & 10a-185

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