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Sec. 15-101aa. Leased facilities at airport subject to property tax. Exceptions.

      Sec. 15-101aa. Leased facilities at airport subject to property tax. Exceptions. Any land, building or easement belonging to or held in trust for the state of Connecticut or the Connecticut Airport Authority and forming a part of Bradley International Airport that is leased to a person or to an organization shall be subject to real property taxation under this chapter, except that no such tax shall be imposed with regard to any of the following:

      (a) All leases for concessions or similar arrangements in any terminal facilities of the airport;

      (b) All leases for facilities directly related to aviation, located in Bradley International Airport, including, but not limited to: (1) Navigation and landing aids and other air aviation facilities; (2) facilities for storage of aircraft, spacecraft and related appurtenances; (3) passenger and cargo terminal buildings, hangars and control towers; (4) the portion of food service facilities servicing airlines, not exempt under subsection (a) of this section; (5) car rental agencies; (6) maintenance facilities; (7) parking facilities; and (8) office facilities existing on September 30, 1992, in which end uses that are directly related to aviation equal not less than forty per cent of the total gross leasable space in any such facility;

      (c) A lease for a single hotel to be located on property at Bradley International Airport adjacent to and attached by common partition to the passenger terminal complex, notwithstanding that a lease of such property may not be executed and in effect as of June 12, 1984;

      (d) All leases on facilities located in Bradley International Airport, executed and in effect as of September 30, 1992, including all future renewals, assignments and transfers of such leases, or portions thereof, whether with the same or a substitute lessee, without regard to whether such leases or any terms and provisions thereof shall be changed, provided that such renewal, assignment or transfer is for the same or similar facilities; and

      (e) Any property leased to any organization which, if the property were owned by or held in trust for such organization, would not be liable for taxes with respect to such property under any of the subdivisions of section 12-81, provided such property is used exclusively for the purposes of such organization as stated in the applicable subdivision of said section.

      (P.A. 84-358, S. 1, 6; P.A. 93-434, S. 11, 20; P.A. 11-84, S. 24.)

      History: P.A. 84-358 effective June 12, 1984, and applicable to the assessment year commencing October 1, 1984, and each assessment year thereafter; P.A. 93-434 added Subdiv. (b)(8) exempting certain office facilities from the property tax and amended Subdiv. (d) to change the date for such leases to qualify from June 12, 1984, to September 30, 1992, effective June 30, 1993, and applicable to assessment years commencing on and after October 1, 1992; P.A. 11-84 added reference to Connecticut Airport Authority, effective July 1, 2011.

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