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Sec. 8-169s. Disposition of property by urban homesteading agency.


      Sec. 8-169s. Disposition of property by urban homesteading agency. (a)(1) Upon acquisition of real property by the urban homesteading agency under section 8-169r or (2) upon certification by the building official of vacant municipally owned property under subdivision (2) of subsection (a) of said section and approval of the legislative body of the municipality, the urban homesteading agency shall publish at least twice a notice in a newspaper having general circulation in the municipality that such property is available. Such notice shall include the estimated purchase price, the qualifications of the applicant, procedures for bidding on the property and the closing date for such bidding. The second notice shall be published not less than two weeks before such closing date.

      (b) Within thirty days after the closing date for bidding, the urban homesteading agency shall recommend to the legislative body the transfer of such property to a qualified applicant under such terms and conditions as are determined by the agency, provided the applicant shall be selected in accordance with priorities established under section 8-169t.

      (c) The legislative body may, by resolution, vote to transfer the urban homesteading property with or without compensation to the applicant selected pursuant to subsection (b) of this section. Such transfer shall be made pursuant to a contract of sale and rehabilitation or construction which shall provide among other things that (1) the property transferred be rehabilitated or constructed predominantly for residential use and be brought into and maintained in conformity with applicable health, housing and building code standard; (2) the rehabilitation or construction shall commence and be completed within a period of time as determined by the urban homesteading agency; (3) prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the building official no transfer of the property or any interest therein, except a transfer to a bona fide mortgagee or similar lien holder, may be made by the homesteader without the approval of the urban homesteading agency, provided any such transfer may only be made for a consideration not in excess of the cost of the property to the homesteader together with the costs of any improvements made or construction thereon by the homesteader; (4) in the sale or rental of the property, or any portion of such property, no person shall be discriminated against because of such person's race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, or national origin; and (5) representatives of the urban homesteading agency, the municipality, and where state or federal assistance is involved, representatives of the federal and state governments, shall have access to the property during normal business hours for the purpose of inspecting compliance with the provisions of this subsection.

      (P.A. 75-452, S. 5, 8; P.A. 86-403, S. 17, 132; 86-405, S. 6, 12; P.A. 11-55, S. 4.)

      History: P.A. 86-403 made technical change in Subsec. (b); P.A. 86-405 applied provisions of section to vacant municipally owned property certified by building official under Sec. 8-169r(a)(2) and approved by legislative body of municipality and added references to "construction" and made other technical changes in Subsec. (c); P.A. 11-55 amended Subsec. (c)(4) to prohibit discrimination on basis of gender identity or expression.

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