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Sec. 4-212. Definitions.


      Sec. 4-212. Definitions. As used in sections 4-212 to 4-219, inclusive:

      (1) "Competitive negotiation" means a procedure for contracting for services in which (A) proposals are solicited from qualified persons, firms or corporations by a request for proposals, and (B) changes may be negotiated in proposals and prices after being submitted.

      (2) "Personal service contractor" means any person, firm or corporation not employed by the state, who is hired by a state agency for a fee to provide services to the agency. The term "personal service contractor" shall not include (A) a person, firm or corporation providing "contractual services", as defined in section 4a-50, to the state, (B) a "consultant", as defined in section 4b-55, (C) a "consultant", as defined in section 13b-20b, (D) an agency of the federal government, of the state or of a political subdivision of the state, or (E) a person, firm or corporation providing consultant services for information and telecommunications systems authorized under subdivision (3) of subsection (b) of section 4d-2.

      (3) "Personal service agreement" means a written agreement defining the services or end product to be delivered by a personal service contractor to a state agency, excluding any agreement with a personal service contractor that the state accounting manual does not require to be submitted to the Comptroller.

      (4) "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management.

      (5) "State agency" means a department, board, council, commission, institution or other executive branch agency.

      (P.A. 93-336, S. 1, 13; P.A. 96-235, S. 7, 19; May 9 Sp. Sess. P.A. 02-7, S. 97; P.A. 04-58, S. 4; P.A. 09-210, S. 1; P.A. 11-51, S. 113.)

      History: P.A. 93-336 effective June 29, 1993; P.A. 96-235 substituted "consultant" for "design professional" in Subdiv. (2)(B), effective June 6, 1996; May 9 Sp. Sess. P.A. 02-7 added Subdiv. (2)(E) re exclusion for certain consultant services, effective August 15, 2002; P.A. 04-58 amended Subdiv. (2)(E) by adding "a person, firm or corporation providing"; P.A. 09-210 amended Subdiv. (2)(C) by deleting "providing services to the Department of Transportation" and made technical changes in Subdivs. (1) and (5), effective July 8, 2009; P.A. 11-51 amended Subdiv. (2) to change "subdivision (5) of subsection (c)" to "subdivision (3) of subsection (b)" re reference to Sec. 4d-2, effective July 1, 2011.

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