PA 12-174—HB 5412

Environment Committee


SUMMARY: Under prior law, certain specified people in addition to marine dealers and their employees could, until May 27, 2012, operate a vessel with a marine dealer registration number. This act removes the sunset provision and expands the list of people to whom the law applies.

The act allows a person to operate a vessel with a marine dealer registration number if he or she operates a recreational charter fishing guide service using a vessel registered with a marine dealer registration in connection with the guide service. Prior law allowed the person to operate a vessel with a marine dealer registration only if he or she had operated such a guide service for at least five of the 10 years before May 27, 2010.

The act maintains the existing law's requirement that the person also hold a current (1) U. S. Coast Guard passenger-for-hire license and (2) Department of Energy and Environmental Protection charter boat registration.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage


Marine Dealer Registration Numbers

The law allows marine dealers to operate, or direct their bona fide full-time employees to operate, a vessel with a marine dealer's registration number when:

1. a potential purchaser or customer is aboard;

2. running a new vessel from an import terminal to the dealer's place of business;

3. test running a new vessel after receiving it from the manufacturer;

4. delivering a sold vessel to the new owner;

5. running a trade-in vessel from a buyer;

6. test running a trade-in vessel before it is made available for sale;

7. running a vessel to, and using a vessel in, a fishing tournament;

8. test-running a vessel after repairs, maintenance, or winter storage;

9. in connection with the business of the marine dealer;

10. running the vessel to obtain or deliver parts for the repair of the vessel or another vessel; and

11. running a vessel for the marine dealer's personal use (CGS 15-145(e)).

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