PA 12-168—HB 5290

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act gives the chief court administrator authority to represent the state in dealings to provide for Judicial Branch real estate needs when the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) commissioner delegates his authority to her. By law, the chief court administrator can already represent the state in negotiations for space for certain specified programs. The act explicitly allows the DAS commissioner to delegate authority to lease office, court, or parking facilities when he decides that the delegation is appropriate and that the leases will comply with relevant real estate and contracting laws. Under the act, real estate leases the chief court administrator proposes must be reviewed and approved by the State Properties Review Board, as they already are when proposed by the DAS commissioner.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2012


The act expands the chief court administrator's authority to represent the state in property matters, which were previously limited to contracts for space for:

1. Court Support Services Division staff implementing an alternative incarceration program (CGS 54-103b);

2. juvenile justice system programs and services (CGS 46b-121i);

3. probation treatment programs and services for juvenile offenders (CGS 46b-121j);

4. programs, services, and facilities to prevent and reduce delinquency and crime among juvenile offenders (CGS 46b-121k); and

5. early intervention projects for juvenile offenders (CGS 46b-121l).

Under the act, if authorized by the DAS commissioner, the chief court administrator can negotiate and enter leases for office, court, or parking facilities. Judicial Branch leases must conform to the state's facility plan and comply with its implementation.

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