PA 12-128—HB 5276

Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee


SUMMARY: This act eliminates a moratorium for FY 12 and FY 13 on new students receiving financial assistance under the Capitol Scholarship grant program (see BACKGROUND). Under prior law, students could not receive a Capitol Scholarship grant in FY 12 or FY 13 unless they received a grant in FY 11. The act also eliminates a requirement that grants be proportionately reduced in FY 12 and FY 13 if total program grants exceed the program's budgeted appropriation.

Additionally, the act makes a technical change to reflect the grant program's administration by replacing a reference to the Board of Regents for Higher Education with one to the Office of Higher Education.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage


Capitol Scholarship

Capitol Scholarship grants are available to state residents who have not received a bachelor's degree and have been accepted at a postsecondary school, technical institute, college, or university in Connecticut, or in any other state that allows its students to bring state student financial assistance funds into Connecticut. Grant awards are based on academic performance and financial need. Maximum grants are $3,000 per year for those attending in-state institutions and $500 per year for those going out-of-state.

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