PA 12-98—sSB 85

Environment Committee

Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee


SUMMARY: By law, the energy and environmental protection commissioner may lease state park camping sites to state residents and nonresidents. Prior law limited a family to three weeks total each year at shore parks (i. e. , Hammonasset and Rocky Neck).

This act instead prohibits the commissioner from leasing shore park camping sites to the same camping party for more than three weeks total during the camping season. But it requires him to lease shore park camping sites (1) to the same party for additional periods of up to three weeks if the party leaves the park for at least five days between leases or (2) that are vacant on a first come, first served basis.

The act authorizes the commissioner to adopt regulations to establish limits on the length of camping site leases. The act's lease length limitation is effective until June 30, 2013, or until regulations are adopted, whichever is later.

The act also requires the commissioner to establish a pilot program for the 2013 camping season that allows 5% of shore park camping sites to be leased to the same camping party without limitation on the number of days leased. For such sites, he may charge a nightly fee of 150% of the 2012 camping season rates. He must report, by February 1, 2014, to the Environment and Finance, Revenue and Bonding committees on the pilot program. The report must describe the program implementation, its impact on camping site availability, the reaction of families using the camping sites, and any recommendation for changes to the program.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage

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