12-49—sHB 5250

Government Administration and Elections Committee

Appropriations Committee


SUMMARY: This act eliminates the requirement that primary polling place officials (i. e. , moderators, deputy head moderators, checkers, challengers, voting tabulator tenders, assistant registrars, and absentee ballot counters) reside in the municipality or political subdivision holding the primary. It thus allows registrars of voters to appoint state electors to these positions, which they could already do for elections.

The act maintains the requirement that primary polling place officials be enrolled members of the party holding the primary, unless an insufficient number of party members consent to serve in a position. But it allows registrars to appoint a state elector, regardless of party enrollment, as a moderator, checker, challenger, voting tabulator tender, or assistant registrar when an insufficient number of party members consent to serve. Prior law limited them to electors residing in the municipality.

The law allows candidates in a primary to designate polling place officials by submitting their names to the registrar of voters. Previously, candidates had to do so 10 days before the primary for polling place officials other than moderators. The act changes this deadline to 21 days before the primary, conforming to the deadline for designating a moderator.

Finally, the act adds a requirement that registrars train prospective primary polling place officials on how to perform their duties.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage

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