PA 12-38—sSB 198

Select Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Judiciary Committee


SUMMARY: This act establishes two crimes for desecrating memorials or monuments recognizing a war or honoring veterans and sets corresponding penalties for them.

Under the act, a person is guilty of interference with a war or veterans' memorial or monument if he or she, without authorization of the government body or veterans' organization responsible for the placement, control, or maintenance of the memorial or monument, (1) intentionally defaces, mutilates, or destroys it or (2) removes it, or any part of it, from its official location.

A person is guilty of unlawfully possessing, purchasing, or selling a war or veterans' memorial or monument if he or she, knowing that the memorial or monument has been unlawfully removed from its official location, (1) possesses, purchases, or attempts to purchase it; (2) sells, offers to sell, or attempts to sell it; or (3) transfers or disposes of it, or any part of it.

The act makes both crimes a class D felony (see Table on Penalties) and requires anyone found guilty of either crime to be fined $5,000.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon passage

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