PA 12-12—SB 252

General Law Committee


SUMMARY: This act allows pharmacists to add a flavoring agent to a prescription if (1) the prescribing doctor, patient, or patient's agent requests it or (2) they are acting on behalf of a hospital.

Under the act, a flavoring agent is a food or drug additive that is (1) used in accordance with good manufacturing practice principles and in the minimum quantity needed to produce its intended effect, (2) inert and produces no effect other than modifying flavor, and (3) less than 5% of the product's total weight.

It must also (1) consist of one or more ingredients generally recognized as safe in food and drugs, (2) be sanctioned by the state or federal government, (3) meet U. S. Pharmacopeia standards, or (4) be a food additive approved for human consumption under the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services regulations (21 CFR 172).

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2012

OLR Tracking: DC: ND: MJ: DY