OLR Research Report

July 24, 2012




By: Robin K. Cohen, Principal Analyst

You asked about adult day care services for an adult who (1) is not elderly and (2) lives in Manchester. You are particularly interested in those centers that offer age-appropriate services to younger clients.

Since we have little information about your constituent, we will assume that he or she has a physical disability that keeps him or her essentially homebound, but wishes to participate in services an adult day care center provides.


According to the membership list of the Connecticut Association of Adult Day Centers (CAADC), the trade group for these centers, at least seven adult day care centers serve Manchester residents. An additional center (located in Tolland) is not a member of CAADC but also serves individuals in Manchester. None of these centers appears to offer services exclusively to elders or younger adults with disabilities, but the president of LeadingAge Connecticut, the umbrella trade group for all of the state's nonprofit long-term care facilities, believes that most centers offer both. Staff from two of these centers indicated that they will serve younger individuals with disabilities.

Most of these centers use a “medical” model (most in the state do), which means they provide nursing, personal care, and other medical services in addition to social supports that a “social” model center provides (e.g., bingo, cooking classes, trips). Some of these centers offer transportation to and from the client's home.

The LeadingAge president adds that many centers currently serve mostly older clients because of the demand for the service and funding sources (most of which is public and targets elders)(see OLR Report 2011-R-0012 for more information about adult day care in Connecticut, including funding sources).


According to the CAADC membership directory (attached) and individuals we spoke with representing these centers, at least seven adult day centers serve Manchester residents. These include Day-Break at Farmington (Plainville), Day-Break at Hartford, East Hartford Elder Care, LLC in East Hartford, Hebrew Health Adult Day Services of West Hartford, Juniper House Adult Day Center in West Hartford (Elmwood), and Juniper House Community Center in Hartford. Additionally, Senior Moments of Tolland serves Manchester residents and offers transportation if the residents live within a 10-mile radius of the center.

The following describes these centers.

Day-Break (Medical Model)

According to Day-Break's chief operating officer, Rafael Max, two of the three Day-Break adult day centers serve individuals living in Manchester, including those under age 65. Most of the clients served by the Hartford center (99% according to Max) are Hispanic, with programs primarily focused on the clients' culture. Both centers offer transportation to and from the client's home.

More information about Daybreak can be found here.

East Hartford Elder Care (Medical Model)

Alexander Sapozhniokov, the executive director of East Hartford Elder Care, reports that adults under age 65 who have a disability that interferes with their activities of daily living most likely can participate in his center's programming. The center does not have a website.

Hebrew Health Adult Day Services (Medical Model)

Although this center's website reports that Hebrew Community Services operates two adult day centers, one in West Hartford and the other in Hartford, according to LeadingAge Connecticut, only the West Hartford one currently operates.

According to its website, the center's staff develop a customized plan around the client's specific needs and this plan gets revised on a regular basis. The center offers transportation to and from the participant's home. Some of the social activities include daily exercise classes, social events, shopping trips, and cultural activities such as concert and theater performances. The health services include nursing assessments, assistance with medication, rehabilitation therapies, medical clinics, nutritional counseling, and help with showers or baths.

We tried to contact staff directly at Hebrew Health but did not get a response.

Juniper House (Social and Models)

The website for all three Juniper House adult day centers (including the two that serve Manchester residents) explicitly states that the centers serve not only older adults but younger individuals with medical or physical disabilities. The services offered include breakfast and a three-course gourmet lunch (with ethnic meal options), English and computer classes, health screenings, and exercise classes. Transportation is available to program participants.

The website can be accessed at: http://www.juniperhouse.org/daycare.html

According to a Juniper House staff member, Manchester residents are participating at both centers. They happen to be elderly and do not have significant medical needs. She indicated that she would be happy to accept some clients under age 65 if they do not have intensive medical needs. She added that the center is flexible enough that it can adjust programming to accommodate younger adults, if necessary.

Senior Care of East Hartford (Medical Model)

This center serves Manchester residents and, according to 2-1-1-Infoline, this includes adults ages 18 and older with disabilities. Its website indicates that it offers recreational activities, nutritious meals, and professional health care programs, as well as a beautician.

Senior Moments (Medical Model)

Although not a member of CAADC, Elder Care Senior Moments in Tolland offers assisted personal care, hair services, foot care, facials, and other services to adults under age 65 with a disability as long as they do not have a need for a locked facility. Transportation is provided to anyone living within a 10-mile radius of the center.

The center's website offers additional information about its services.