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General Assembly



June 12 Special Session, 2012

LCO No. 5790



Offered by:


SEN. MARKLEY, 16th Dist.


To: House Bill No. 6001

File No.

Cal. No.

After the last section, add the following and renumber sections and internal references accordingly:

"Sec. 501. (NEW) (Effective January 1, 2013) (a) On and after January 1, 2013, any individual who becomes unemployed and who is (1) deemed eligible for benefits pursuant to section 31-235 of the general statutes, and (2) who has received such benefits for a period of twelve weeks shall, as a condition to the receipt of benefits after the twelfth week, enroll in a job training or retraining program administered by the Labor Department and provide proof of such enrollment to the administrator.

(b) The Labor Department shall administer this section within available appropriations. "

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Sec. 501

January 1, 2013

New section