OLR Bill Analysis

sHB 5432



This bill requires:

1. local and regional boards of education to adopt and implement a policy defining the role and responsibility of sworn police officers placed in schools by agreement between the school board and highest local or state law enforcement official and

2. each board's annual “strategic school profile reports” for each school and district as a whole to include measures of (a) discipline (which the bill does not define) and (b) beginning with the first reports issued after July 1, 2014, school-based arrests.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2013


The bill defines a “school-based arrest” as the arrest on school property during the school day or at a school-sponsored activity on or off school property, of a student enrolled in a school under the jurisdiction of the local or regional reporting board.

The bill's measures of school-based arrests include the number of arrests made annually at each school within the district, disaggregated by:

1. race,

2. ethnicity,

3. gender,

4. age,

5. whether the student receives special education services,

6. whether the student is an English language learner, and

7. the offenses for which the arrests were made.

The bill requires that any disaggregated measure relating to the arrest of fewer than six students be reported using a “symbol. ” It is unclear how this directive is to be implemented, but presumably, a report would protect student confidentiality in a disaggregated measure that included small student numbers.


Strategic School Profile Reports

Strategic profile reports generally measure school performance in areas such as student needs, school resources, student and school performance (including truancy), and provision of special education services. Districts must issue reports for each school in the district and the district as a whole.

In addition to being submitted annually to the education commissioner of each superintendent must present the reports at the board of education's next regularly scheduled public meeting after each November 1st.


Judiciary Committee

Joint Favorable