OLR Bill Analysis

sHB 5231



This bill requires insurance companies and related entities to inform insureds of their right to choose where to have their automotive glass work done. It prohibits vehicle physical damage appraisers from requiring or prohibiting that such works to be done in a specified facility or repair shop.

The bill bars insurance companies and their third-party claims administrators from providing an insured with the name of a glass shop with which they are affiliated or directing the insured to this shop, unless they provide the insured with the names of other shops in the area where the vehicle will be repaired. The insurance company or its third-party claims administrator may refer the insured to an Internet list of their approved glass repair shops in the state.

The bill makes related minor and technical changes.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2012


By law, insurance companies doing business in the state and their agents and adjusters may not require their insureds to use a specific person for glass replacement, glass repair services, or glass products. They may not state that using a repair shop that does not participate in a program established by the insurance company may (1) delay the repair or (2) mean that the work will not be guaranteed. The bill extends the latter provisions to glass work and glass repair shops.

The bill requires that, if there is oral communication between an insurance company or its third-party claims administrator and an insured regarding vehicle glass replacement, glass repair services, or glass products, in the initial contact with the insured, the company or third-party claims administrator must tell the insured: “You have the right to choose the licensed glass shop where the damage to your motor vehicle will be repaired. If you have a preference, please tell us now to assist us in processing your claim.

By law, vehicle insurance cards must contain a notice in capital and boldface type informing the insured that he or she has the right to choose the licensed repair shop where vehicle damage will be repaired. The bill requires that this notice also refer to glass shops.


Insurance and Real Estate Committee

Joint Favorable Substitute