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Raised Bill No. 107

February Session, 2012


LCO No. 136




Referred to Committee on Planning and Development


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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Subsection (d) of section 22a-42a of the 2012 supplement to the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective October 1, 2012):

(d) (1) In granting, denying or limiting any permit for a regulated activity the inland wetlands agency, or its agent, shall consider the factors set forth in section 22a-41, and such agency, or its agent, shall state upon the record the reason for its decision. In granting a permit the inland wetlands agency, or its agent, may grant the application as filed or grant it upon other terms, conditions, limitations or modifications of the regulated activity which are designed to carry out the policy of sections 22a-36 to 22a-45, inclusive. Such terms may include any reasonable measures which would mitigate the impacts of the regulated activity and which would (A) prevent or minimize pollution or other environmental damage, (B) maintain or enhance existing environmental quality, or (C) in the following order of priority: Restore, enhance and create productive wetland or watercourse resources. Such terms may include restrictions as to the time of year in which a regulated activity may be conducted, provided the inland wetlands agency, or its agent, determines that such restrictions are necessary to carry out the policy of sections 22a-36 to 22a-45, inclusive. No person shall conduct any regulated activity within an inland wetland or watercourse which requires zoning or subdivision approval without first having obtained a valid certificate of zoning or subdivision approval, special permit, special exception or variance or other documentation establishing that the proposal complies with the zoning or subdivision requirements adopted by the municipality pursuant to chapters 124 to 126, inclusive, or any special act. The agency may suspend or revoke a permit if it finds after giving notice to the permittee of the facts or conduct which warrant the intended action and after a hearing at which the permittee is given an opportunity to show compliance with the requirements for retention of the permit, that the applicant has not complied with the conditions or limitations set forth in the permit or has exceeded the scope of the work as set forth in the application. The applicant shall be notified of the agency's decision by certified mail within fifteen days of the date of the decision and the agency shall cause notice of [their] its order in issuance, denial, revocation or suspension of a permit to be published in a newspaper having a general circulation in the town wherein the wetland or watercourse lies. In any case in which such notice is not published within such fifteen-day period, the applicant may provide for the publication of such notice within ten days thereafter.

(2) Any permit issued under this section for the development of property for which an approval is required under section 8-3, 8-25 or 8-26 shall be valid for five years. [provided the] The agency may establish a specific time period within which any regulated activity shall be conducted, provided no agency shall require a regulated activity for which an approval is required under section 8-3, 8-25 or 8-26 to be conducted in less than three years. Any permit issued under this section for any [other] activity for which an approval is not required under section 8-3, 8-25 or 8-26 shall be valid for not less than two years and not more than five years. Any such permit shall be renewed upon request of the permit holder unless the agency finds that there has been a substantial change in circumstances which requires a new permit application or an enforcement action has been undertaken with regard to the regulated activity for which the permit was issued provided no permit may be valid for more than ten years.

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Section 1

October 1, 2012


Statement of Purpose:

To provide more time in which to conduct a regulated activity after obtaining a permit from an inland wetlands agency.

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