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As Amended by Senate "A" (LCO 4662)

House Calendar No. : 538

Senate Calendar No. : 412

OFA Fiscal Note

State Impact:

Agency Affected


FY 13 $

FY 14 $

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

E911 Fund - Revenue Gain

$3. 7 million

$4. 2 million

Department of Revenue Services

GF - Cost



Note: GF=General Fund

Municipal Impact: None


The bill is anticipated to increase revenue to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection E-911 Telecommunications Fund of approximately $1. 9 million1 in FY 13 and $4. 2 million in FY 14. 2 The revenue gain is comprised of two components, outlined in the following table.

Total Revenue Changes


FY 13 $

(half year)

FY 14 $

Prepaid Mobile Phones



Single Surcharge for Wireless Phones






Additionally, the bill results in a one-time set-up and programming cost of $120,000 in FY 13 to the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) related to updates to the taxpayer service center (TSC) and form creation. This cost is based on equivalent costs for the creation of new tax types. The bill allows DRS to make a one-time deduction of up to $120,000 from the E911 Telecommunications Fund for any direct costs of administering the collection and remittance of the fees.

Senate Amendment “A” sets the prepaid wireless retail fee equal to the monthly fee assessed for wireline and wireless telecommunications subscribers. The amendment could have a revenue impact if the E911 surcharge cap in subsection (a) of section 16-256g of the general statutes is raised from the current $0. 50 cap.

The Out Years

The annualized ongoing fiscal impact identified above would continue into the future subject to inflation.

The preceding Fiscal Impact statement is prepared for the benefit of the members of the General Assembly, solely for the purposes of information, summarization and explanation and does not represent the intent of the General Assembly or either chamber thereof for any purpose. In general, fiscal impacts are based upon a variety of informational sources, including the analyst's professional knowledge. Whenever applicable, agency data is consulted as part of the analysis, however final products do not necessarily reflect an assessment from any specific department.

1 Please note this amount is net of the $120,000 allowed one-time deduction for DRS' costs of administering the program.

2 The revenue gain is based on the current estimated surcharge rate of $0. 50 in FY 13 and FY 14.