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Secretary of the State

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The bill will result in a cost to the Secretary of the State (SOTS) of approximately $250,000 associated with establishing an online voter registration system. It is expected that this cost will be covered with General Obligation (GO) bond funds authorized in FY 11, and with federal funds the agency receives pursuant to the Help America Vote Act.

This cost is minimally offset by savings for the SOTS associated with printing and mailing fewer presidential ballots due to the implementation of Election Day registration. This savings is estimated to be less than $1,000 per presidential election cycle.

The bill will also result in a cost to municipalities associated with hiring additional Election Day workers. This cost is expected to vary by the type of election, and by the population of the municipality.

To estimate the cost of hiring additional Election Day workers, completed 2008 presidential ballots were analyzed. 1 Under current law, individuals who are not registered to vote on Election Day may vote for the President by filling out a presidential ballot. In Hartford, 1,350 presidential ballots were completed in 2008. Assuming that a municipality would require one additional worker for every 85 to 150 people who may register to vote on Election Day, it is estimated that a large city such as Hartford would need 9 to 16 additional Election Day workers during a presidential election. A medium-sized city such as Manchester may require 5 to 8 additional workers to handle 715 additional voters. A smaller town, like Colchester, may require 1 or 2 additional workers for 150 additional voters. Election Day workers are typically paid $11 to $15 per hour and work approximately a 16-hour shift on Election Day. This results in the following range of costs associated with additional workers during a presidential election:


Approximate Cost of Added Workers During a Presidential Election

Large City (e. g. Hartford)

$1,584 - $3,840

Medium City (e. g. Manchester)

$880 - $1,920

Small Town (e. g. Colchester)

$176 - $480

Some towns may incur additional costs associated with training workers, printing additional ballots, and printing and mailing registration confirmation notices. These costs vary based on the number of workers who need training, the size of the municipality, and the type of election, but are estimated to be less than $2,500 in a large city during a presidential election.

It is anticipated that these costs would be lower during state and municipal elections, as fewer workers would be needed to handle fewer Election Day registrants. For example, it is estimated that Hartford may need 5 to 8 additional workers during a state election year to handle approximately 700 additional voters, and that during a municipal election year, they would need 2 to 4 additional workers to handle approximately 300 additional voters.

The provisions of the bill regarding Election Day registration are effective July 1, 2013. Therefore, municipalities would first be impacted in FY 14, during the November 2013 municipal elections.

The Out Years

The annualized ongoing fiscal impact identified above would continue into the future subject to inflation.

1 2008 Head Moderators' returns were used for the analysis.