sSB 40



This bill requires public higher education institutions, beginning with the 2014 fall semester, to offer certain students remedial support embedded with the corresponding entry level course in a college-level program. Institutions must offer this support (1) to students whom they determine, through use of multiple commonly accepted measures of skill level, are likely to succeed in college level work with supplemental support and (2) during the same semester as, and in conjunction with, the entry level course.

For students determined to be below the skill level needed for college-level work, the bill requires institutions, beginning with the 2014 fall semester, to offer an intensive college readiness program before the next semester (presumably the semester after the determination is made). It prohibits such students from receiving embedded remedial support until they complete the intensive readiness program. The Board of Regents for Higher Education must develop options for such a program in collaboration with the state's P-20 Council (see BACKGROUND).

The bill requires open access to any college-level course for students who graduate from high school in or after May 2014, but requires that students eligible for embedded remedial support receive that support. It also prohibits institutions, beginning with the 2014 fall semester, from offering remedial support or courses not embedded with an entry level course or part of an intensive readiness program.

Additionally, the bill requires public high schools and public higher education institutions to align their curricula. The alignment must enable the successful completion of high school mathematics and language arts curricula, as described in Connecticut's Common Core State Standards, to be the indicator of college readiness.

Lastly, beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, the bill requires the P-20 Council to ensure that each public higher education institution works with the state Department of Education and local and regional school districts to (1) develop an early assessment of eighth and tenth grade students' college readiness and (2) share the results with students, parents or legal guardians, and schools.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2012


P-20 Council

The P-20 council is a statewide council of educators, business leaders, and civic officials created to build stronger ties among educators and policymakers at all levels of education. It was established in 2009 by Governor Rell in Executive Order 2A.


Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee

Joint Favorable Substitute