Program Description;

OLR Research Report

April 18, 2011




By: Kevin McCarthy, Principal Analyst

You asked whether Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) initiated its Home Energy Reports pilot program on its own or pursuant to legislation.

CL&P launched its Home Energy Reports program on its own initiative as part of its 2011 energy efficiency plan. The law requires the electric companies to develop these plans, which are subject to review by the Energy Conservation Management Board (ECMB) and approval by the Department of Public Utility Control.

Under the Home Energy Reports program, a total of 24,000 randomly selected CL&P residential customers began to receive customized, detailed information starting in January 2011 about their energy usage. The reports are mailed with the customer's monthly electric bills and allow a participating customer to learn how his or her electricity use compares to that of 100 similar-sized homes in the neighborhood. This information is compiled anonymously and provided confidentially. Only the customer can see his or her personal information.

Participating customers can see how their energy use changes over time, so they can set targets for savings. They receive tips chosen for them by CL&P based on their energy use patterns and the characteristics of their home. Participating customers also have access to an online portal, where they can customize their energy information, receive additional efficiency tips, and set goals. The reports and portal are designed to help customers better assess their level of energy consumption and find more ways to reduce their energy use and save money on their electric bill.

The program is supported by the Energy Efficiency Fund (http://www.cl-p.com/home/saveenergy/aboutceef.aspx) and will run through the end of 2011. The program will be evaluated by a consultant selected by the ECMB. Information about the program is available at http://nuwnotes1.nu.com/apps/clp/clpwebcontent.nsf/AR/HomeEnergyReportFactSheet/$File/HomeEnergyReportFactSheet.pdf