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Chapter 124 Secs. 8-1 to 8-13aZoning
Chapter 124a Secs. 8-13b to 8-13lPlanned Unit Development (Repealed)
Chapter 124b Secs. 8-13m to 8-13xIncentive Housing Zones
Chapter 125 Secs. 8-14 to 8-17Zoning Districts for Commercial Structures and Advertising Signs (Repealed)
Chapter 125a Sec. 8-17aLocal Land Use Ordinances
Chapter 126 Secs. 8-18 to 8-30fMunicipal Planning Commissions
Chapter 126a Secs. 8-30g to 8-30iAffordable Housing Land Use Appeals
Chapter 127 Secs. 8-31 to 8-37bRegional Planning Agencies
Chapter 127a Secs. 8-37c to 8-37hNew England Interstate Planning Compact
Chapter 127b Secs. 8-37i to 8-37qDepartment of Economic and Community Development: General Provisions
Chapter 127c Secs. 8-37r to 8-37mmmDepartment of Economic and Community Development: Housing. General Provisions
Chapter 128 Secs. 8-38 to 8-119yyDepartment of Economic and Community Development: Municipal Housing Projects
Chapter 129 Secs. 8-119zz to 8-123Connecticut Housing Authority: Housing Projects
Chapter 130 Secs. 8-124 to 8-169wDepartment of Economic and Community Development: Redevelopment and Urban Renewal; State and Federal Aid; Community Development; Urban Homesteading
Chapter 131 Secs. 8-170 to 8-185Department of Economic and Community Development: Industrial and Research Development Projects (Conditionally Repealed)
Chapter 132 Secs. 8-186 to 8-200bMunicipal Development Projects
Chapter 133 Secs. 8-201 to 8-240jHousing, Redevelopment and Urban Renewal and Human Resource Development Programs
Chapter 133a Secs. 8-240k to 8-240sCommunity Economic Development Program
Chapter 134 Secs. 8-241 to 8-265ssConnecticut Housing Finance Authority Act
Chapter 135 Secs. 8-266 to 8-282Department of Economic and Community Development: Uniform Relocation Assistance Act
Chapter 136 Secs. 8-283 to 8-289Department of Economic and Community Development: Home Ownership Loans
Chapter 137 Secs. 8-290 to 8-299Rehabilitation of Abandoned Industrial and Commercial Buildings
Chapter 137a Secs. 8-300 to 8-335Municipal Housing Finance Assistance Act
Chapter 137b Secs. 8-336 to 8-336eIssuance of Bonds for Single-Family Homes
Chapter 137c Secs. 8-336f to 8-336kConnecticut Housing Partnership Program
Chapter 137d Sec. 8-336lConnecticut Housing Trust Fund (Repealed)
Chapter 137e Secs. 8-336m to 8-336qHousing Trust Fund Program
Chapter 138 Secs. 8-337 to 8-344Security Deposit Revolving Loan Fund (Repealed)
Chapter 138a Secs. 8-345 to 8-354Rent Subsidies (See Chapter 319uu)
Chapter 138b Secs. 8-355 to 8-364Housing Programs for Homeless Persons
Chapter 138c Secs. 8-365 to 8-369Grants to Municipalities for Financing of Low and Moderate Income Rental Housing
Chapter 138d Secs. 8-370 to 8-375Rental Housing Assistance Trust Fund (Repealed)
Chapter 138e Secs. 8-376 to 8-383Housing Development Zones
Chapter 138f Secs. 8-384 to 8-394State and Regional Housing Planning, Policy and Development
Chapter 138g Secs. 8-395 to 8-399Tax Credits for Housing Programs
Chapter 138h Secs. 8-400 to 8-409Private Rental Investment Mortgage and Equity Program
Chapter 138i Secs. 8-410 to 8-414Assistance for Housing Predevelopment Costs
Chapter 138j Secs. 8-415 to 8-429Residential Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Repair Program
Chapter 138k Secs. 8-430 to 8-438Consolidated Housing Construction, Acquisition and Related Rehabilitation Program (Repealed)

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